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    lightroom mobile setup

    OwenLR Level 1

      I am interested in uploading my entire 'master' catalog. However it's roughly 600gb, all the images have smart previews created. It would seem I would need to upload this entire 600gb. Is this correct?


      thanks in advance for the help.

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi OwenLR


          What are you trying to achieve?

          We do not recommend you to upload your catalog to a cloud based service(Including Adobe Creative Cloud).A catalog must be saved on a local storage device.

          Best way is to use an external harddrive,save your  Images+catalog on it and you can then share the same catalog with different computer.

          Go through Get started with Lightroom on mobile | Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC tutorials once to know how it works




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            OwenLR Level 1

            I have my catalog saved and backed up on external SSD's. I was hoping to have my entire master catalog usable on the mobile app. I see that this isn't going to work for that but it's great for how it's designed.


            One thing I can not figure out however is when I make a collection public. I see photo data but the one thing I can not find is the file name.


            link example; https://lightroom.adobe.com/shares/279e79015a36452a9f944c49c768a4f7


            Is there a setting in preferences somewhere to show filename? That, to me, is the most critical when sharing with clients.

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              john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You won't be uploading 600gb. I'd expect it to be closer to the size of the smart previews folder, so roughly 1.3 mb per photo. The space used on mobile apps varies depending on whether you make photos available for offline editing, in which case you're downloading smart previews to the device.


              You can't display the filename in the shared view. You can use my Search and Replace plugin to add the filename to the caption, but that's not ideal and it is a shame that we don't have filenames or numbers. The columnar layout also makes it difficult to talk through shoots with clients. On the other hand, they can enter likes and comments (if they don't have Adobe accounts, set up a dummy Adobe like account client@owenlr.com) and you can quickly find their choices in your catalogue. So this tool is close to being hugely valuable for a client proofing workflow, just not close enough yet.

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                OwenLR Level 1

                I can't comprehend how short sighted it is of Adobe to not have the filename available. We still need to resort to 'I like the photo, I think it's the 10th one. The guy in the green jacket with his back to the sun". SERIOUSLY??? FAIL. I cold care less about all the other file info. When sharing images with people there needs to be a consistent, easy way to reference files. This is called a filename....