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    Fireworks Mx '04 to Photoshop 7.0 problem

      Hi all,

      Hopefully there are some avid Photoshop and Fireworks users here.
      My dilemma is that I’ve created my design in Fireworks MX 2004, but need to get it transferred over to PS in order to either create my own fur brush or at least use an existing 3rd party plug-in. I have an older version of Photoshop (version 7.0). I’ve saved the fireworks file as a psd file, yet when I open it in PS, it’s not editable. Is there a way around this at all? Of course it would be nice to have a fur brush to use within Fireworks, but they don’t exist for Fireworks (only PS) and I’ve tried creating something useable/realistic looking with the available resources in Fireworks. That’s not happening.
      So is there a way to get this Fireworks native design editable in Photoshop 7.0?