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    Web Service - 403 Error


      I am calling a web service from my Air application, which is throwing back a 403 forbidden error. This web service is on an external server (Server A), which I am able to remote onto to configure IIS.

      I have put the web service on a second server (Server B), and found it works fine. The only different between the two servers is Server A is MS Server 2008, while Server B is MS Server 2005. Also, Server A has to use port 447.

      I can see the Server A's web service fine through my web browsers. If I got to http:// ...(SERVER A)..... :447/service.asmx?wsdl in a browser is can see XML. Only when I call it and debug in Flex Builder does it return a 403 error.

      What is it that AIR could be doing differently to prevent it from accesssing the service?

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          afcb_chezza Level 1
          I've now found that the WSDL loads (webservice.loadWSDL();) just fine, and I get back a description of the service, but when I call one of the functions, that's when the 403 is returned.

          Some kind of execution error?

          I have ensured permissions allow everyone to execute the ASP web service. Anything else at all?