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    Sharing Options available to desktop and mobile apps as well (in addition to web app)

    anssikumpula Level 1

      I have three different reasons to use Collections for a photoshoot:

      1. Collect photos together to work with them
      2. Sync photos from Lightroom desktop app to Lightroom mobile and web apps
      3. Share photos online


      I'm finding the most convenient way to have is a single Collection for all those purposes, rather than to have a separate Collection for each. Currently it's not possible to select individual photos to sync (you have to select whole Collection to sync) but you do have the option to share only photos flagged as Picks (and to allow download). However, you have this option only on Lightroom Web, not on desktop and not on mobile. That's really cumbersome and confusing, as even Lightroom Web can't be used with a mobile browser so in practice you can set only flagged photos to be shared using a desktop browser.


      Why can't Sharing Options be available on Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom Mobile (or at least with a mobile browser)?


      Using Lightroom Web is a pain in itself as there's no direct way to go to a specific Collection – you have to surf to lightroom.adobe.com and browse through all the Collections to find the one you're looking for, even if it would be the latest Collection you made or made changes to.