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    error copying layers

    SiliconPixel Level 1

      I'm getting an error when trying to copy a layer or layers:


      Can't copy a layer with a parent or with a linked expression, while an undo group is open.


      If I then try copying again, it lets me - then if I paste it crashes AE!


      This is really screwing my work up and I need to uninstall back to the last version - is this even possible? At least that worked OK for most stuff. Desparately need to do this.


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      I'm getting an error when copying layer(s) - and when I then copy again and paste, it crashes AE. Something to do with undo groups open whatever that is. I phoned Adobe support and the support guy said they are seeing a lot of this error and emailed me a way to downgrade to the previous version.


      My recommendation would be NOT to upgrade to this version as it's seriously flawed. I've applied for the 13.6.1 patch update test but not sure if this fixes it?


      This is the procedure to downgrade to 13.5.1 - not sure how it messes up prefs, workspaces and plugins/scripts  - so be careful.



      Please download AE CC 2015 from here (please read the “Very Important Instructions”):-




      and update it (13.5.1) from here:-