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    Publish Online "hover" pop-up... how do you turn it off? Or better yet, get rid of it and make it a menu item only.

    rcoda1 Level 1

      The new "Publish Online" button... every time you go even close to it a pop-up comes up and I have to click the "X". Another PITA. Is there a way to turn that off, or better yet, get rid of it, too? After the "eyedropper" fiasco of the last version I am getting worried about Adobe, now.


      I just had to rent a vehicle for a long trip (12 yr old Acura MDX transmission finally went after 204k miles)... anyway, we got a Chevy Equinox. What a piece of cr@p! Everything is "in the way". I had to get something out of the glove compartment the other day... my chest pushed the shifter into Neutral. When I get out my foot gets stuck in the door cup holder. The rear hatch door "handle" is on the left (most people are right handed)... Who the #$%@ designed that? They should be fired. These last two Adobe miscues are, I'm afraid, glimpses of things to come as far as product design goes. So, Adobe... please don't follow Chevy "design"!