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    Why do some columns of text show up pixilated, next to columns that look normal, in Overprint Preview?

    Regina Fried

      Once I upgraded to CC, Overprint Preview has never been the same. Some columns of text will show up pixilated next to columns that look completely normal. If I select all of the text and reselect "black", it all looks normal - until I scroll to another page and come back, and then random columns of text are again pixilated. All the font colors are the same, font, spacing, etc. I have played around with the display options and can see no different between low and high quality. In Overprint Preview, I used to be able to see the pages as close to how they would look if I printed them. If I had a graphic I had created with a gradient or fade, it would show up just as I wanted it to in Overprint Preview. Now it will only show up as I want it to with OP off, but then all the boxes and margins show up. It's just the opposite of what it used to be. It's driving me nuts. What am I doing wrong? In the image below you can see the "normal" text on the left, and then the pixilated or low quality text on the right. It's the same font, same color, same size. One shows up normal, the other does not. If I scroll to another page and come back, the column on the left may appear pixilated and not the column on the right.


      Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 9.39.11 AM.png