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    change mailto link?


      This is Acrobat X Pro.


      I have an PDF from a client where they would like me to change a single mailto address. They would like me to change the text of the mailto link and obviously where the mailto link points.


      However, the PDF is an online form, and Acrobat doesn't seem to have a simple way to do this single fix. I get a dialog box saying "This document restricts some Acrobat features to allow for extended features in Adobe Reader"


      Right clicking on the link doesn't give me any sort of option to edit the link. Instead, a contextual menu offers the option to open the link in.


      I try to edit the text, but nothing happens. I chose the Edit Text tool, select the text and try to type new text, but nothing happens at all. The text remains selected, but does not change no matter what I type.


      Anyone know who to do this seemingly simple fix?