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    Lightroom in VMWare Fusion


      On Mac OS X (El Capitan) I have VMWare Fusion with Windows 7 64bit with CC on the Windows (I had to do this since my Epson printer driver only works up to Win 7).


      When I try to run Lightroom it says:


      <begin quote>

      Warning: Lightroom cannot open the catalog named "Lightroom Catalog" located on network volume "\\vmware-host\Shared Folders\".


      Lightroom Catalogs can not be opened on network volumes, removable storage, or read only volumes.

      </end quote>



      Can someone please suggest how to do this? I've tried creating the catalog window in any folder anywhere, but it won't work since the drive is through VMWare somehow???


      Anyone know the solution here?  Looks like in this thread user femoye asked the same question in Nov 13, of 2014, that's over 1 year ago and still no answer from anyone!?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

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            Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi WildLotus,


            Lightroom catalog needs to be created locally on the same hard drive or on the external drive which directly tether to the system.


            Please refer the FAQ

            Photoshop Lightroom catalog FAQ




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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

              VMWare makes the Mac folders available to the Windows virtual machine through the use of Windows network drives.  When you're in the Windows VM and open a Mac folder, even though that folder is on the local disk of the host Mac, Windows is accessing that Mac folder using a Windows network drive.


              LR doesn't allow catalogs to be stored on network drives.  So the LR running inside Windows can't access a catalog stored in a Mac folder. 


              However, you can store the catalog on the C: drive of the Windows virtual machine.  Do File > New Catalog and navigate to a desired folder on the C: drive for the location of the new catalog.  Alternatively, you can use Windows File Explorer to copy an existing catalog from a Mac folder to C: drive folder and then open that catalog in LR.


              Note that it's only the catalog file proper that needs to be on the C: drive -- LR is perfectly happy access the photos referenced by the catalog on a network drive.