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    How can I print multiple "class completion certificates" with a list of students?

    jays55219621 Level 1

      I don't need step-by-step instructions from the community -- just pointed to the appropriate documentation. I want to learn and do this on my own. Just having trouble finding exactly what I need.


      I'm thinking this starts with either:

      • importing a text file, or
      • typing/pasting the list into a PDF form

      Then, user clicks a button that does the following:

      • adds a page for each student name
      • inserts name into a form field (with formatting like typeface and alignment)


      My main question at this point is, should the script(s) add new, blank pages with a layer containing the certificate "background" or use a stamp that places the certificate image? Or, perhaps the page after the form (or "import names" button) is the certificate with dynamic text field and the script simply duplicates that page for each student, inserting the name.


      The remaining task is to add a date but that seems pretty easy--I haven't decided whether that will by dynamic/automatic or if the user will need to type it into another field (in the initial form).