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    RoboHelp 11-Unable to View Result after Generation

    chelluvsGod Level 1

      Hello. I have two user guides that are very large. Lately when I generate HTML Help, or any other type of output (FlashHelp, WebHelp, etc) when the message appears " Click View Result to view:(project name), I select View Result. Nothing ever displays. However, if I generate output again I receive a message that it is open in another application.


      When the guide generates and Output View displays. I notice that near the bottom, there is a Warning message: The size of stop file has to be limited in 512 bytes. Then there is a Fatal Error: Unexpected error from Microsoft HTML compiler.


      I tried to insert the image in this post but I receive a notice that it is forbidden.


      Are the size of my guides too large or is this another issue?


      Thank you,