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    Soft Proofing for Blurb


      How do I set up LR 6 to be able to soft proof images going to the Blurb book module?

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          khatwani Adobe Employee (Admin)




          There is soft proof button on the toolbar.

          You can enable toolbar by pressing the T key,

          Is that what you are looking for ?




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            thomasf48484566 Level 1

            No, I want to know what color space to use for soft proofing Blurb images, also if there is an icc profile (I think thats what it is called) for Blurb and should I use that.  Or is soft proofing even necessary for Blurb. Thanks.

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              khatwani Adobe Employee (Admin)



              For that you can contact Blurb support and they will provide you the icc profile.




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                trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You can download the Blurb ICC profile here:


                Color Management & Calibration Center. Match on-screen colors | Blurb Books


                Follow the instructions below for installing the Blurb ICC profile:


                ICC Profile Installation


                Blurb offers multiple paper types, but only one printer profile so the benefits of using it are questionable:


                Re: book module B&W tips Blurb


                Also the LR Book module converts the images to sRGB in the PDF uploaded to Blurb. This may cause additional gamut clipping since the Blurb profile has some gamut that falls outside the sRGB color space:


                Re: sRGB or Blurb icc profile better for soft proofing prior to Book module?


                From my experience the Blurb printing process can cause a slight loss of saturation in deep blue colors. Whether or not you can improve this by creating and "adjusting" soft proof copies is questionable. My results have been pretty good without soft proofing. Best advice is to use a good monitor calibrator set for 100-120 cd/m2, 6500K White Point, 2.2. Gamma, ICC Version 2 profile type. That has far more impact on the Blurb book printed output results than soft proof adjustments. YMMV...


                ColorChecker-3495_Convert to Blurb.icc profile.jpg

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                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                  If you send your book to Blurb directly from Lightroom, then there is no setting of profile involved. You just get your images looking good on a Calibrated monitor and click- [Send Book to Blurb]


                  If you create your book another way, then the images should be sRGB.

                  Blurb can provide a CMYK profile, but that is only for use when doing commercial type printing.


                  And- What paper will Blurb print on? and what Printing machine will they use?


                  I agree with trshaner comments above- "benefits... are questionable"

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                    thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    thomasf48484566 wrote:


                    How do I set up LR 6 to be able to soft proof images going to the Blurb book module?

                    In reality, you can't. The profile supplied by Blurb isn't used for the output! So it's at best, a guess. One profile can't define all the possible output conditions they provide. You can download a CMYK profile (sRGB is sent to them by LR), you can type the S key for soft proof. But in terms of sound color management, you're not seeing what you'll get as the profile is based on GRACOL, it's for Blurb, a generic profile that they hope defines all their output conditions that use differing paper stocks. So as other's have said, the use of soft proofing is questionable at best.