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    Lightroom Mobile to PS Fix, Mix Workflow STILL Broken




      A number of weeks ago I reported that any image imported from the Camera Roll on iPad Pro in to LR Mobile and then sent to Mix or Fix via 'Open in' or 'Edit in' for further comping/Editing resulted in an image of no greater than 2048px along the longest edge being transferred.


      I posted to this Forum regarding this and had my post re-posted my an Adobe staff member across to the PS Fix Forum (see thread here Lightroom Mobile to Photoshop Fix Roundtrip Issue) Adobe responded with a rather weak (and incorrect) response that it was all due to a limitation of the iPad/IOS. This of course is nonsense.


      This is not an IOS limitation - Pixelmator (now my go-to image app on the iPad) allows me to process and save 16,000px Long-edge images on my iPad.

      This is not a PS Fix issue either - it is a LR Mobile issue.

      Another confirmation of this is that I can transfer full size images from Snapseed or Google Photos on my iPad to PS Mix/Fix - process and then Airdrop them to my iMac at full resolution!!


      I understand that LR Mobile is primarily for syncing images from a LR Desktop catalogue to the cloud, editing the synced Smart Preview and sending any edits back to the LR Desktop. However LR Mobile also acts as a way of sending images captured or imported on an IOS device, edited in LR Mobile back to your Desktop LR Catalogue.


      Why then, allow PS Mix/Fix to be included in the LR Mobile workflow when subsequent images are cobbled by a 2040 Long-edge pixel limitation?


      I use Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator professionally in design and production of high-end large-format books. Increasingly I am using my iPad Pro to engage with clients at design stage both in photo selection/edits and comping of layouts using Adobe Comp (a brilliant mobile App). As mobile devices become more capable I can see that a lot of the work carried out on desktop can be performed in mobile. Adobe mobile apps need to be fully integrated into a professional Creative Cloud workflow. I really want to use these mobile apps - at the moment I cannot.


      Sorry for longish post.


      All the best.