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    Transfer Smart Galleries to a new PC

    olavnorrud Level 1



      Is it really true what I find in threads and blogposts:

      Can't move Smart Galleries to another PC?


      Confirmation or directions would be much appreciated.

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          dj_paige Level 10

          If you mean Smart Collections, these can be transferred.


          Please follow these instructions: http://www.lightroomqueen.com/how-move-lightroom-to-new-computer/

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            Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

            Hi olavnorrud,


            Do you mean to say transferring smart collections?

            What are your workflow steps and the expected output?
            If you are transferring the complete Catalog to another PC, it would include your smart collections as well.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you move the images and the catalog to the new computer, your Lightroom work should continue uninterrupted with everything intact. That would include any smart collections that you have created.

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                olavnorrud Level 1

                Hi all, yes, I meant Smart Collections, sorry.

                I mixed up the name as the SmugMug plugin uses the term Smart Galleries.

                I have some (Lightroom) Smart Collections, most (Smugmug Lightroom) Smart Galleries, but can't make any come correctly over.

                Except that the SmugMug plugin syncs back from SmugMug, but then as regular SmugMug galleries.

                I'm considering a reinstall of LR on the target, in case that may help, just wanted some opinions first.


                SmugMug support is still working on the issue, and confirmed that they use LR Smart Collections as basis.


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                  dj_paige Level 10

                  It doesn't say anything specifically about Smart Collections, but nevertheless this is the way to transfer them. Smart Collections are in your Lightroom Catalog, and the article describes how to move the catalog file and photos to a new computer. When you have completed that process, your Smart Collections will be present in the catalog, unchanged, exactly as they were on the old computer.

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                    olavnorrud Level 1

                    Wait.. You're right, the Smart Collectons came over now during a new super-simple test.

                    In this test the SmugMug plugin wasn't even added.

                    The transfer of my huge LR Catalog on the other hand, had the LR Smart Collections become LR Collections, and SmugMug Snart Galleries become SmugMug Galleries.


                    Just got another update mail from SmugMug and they must let their developer look at it.

                    SmugMug have two types of Smart Galleries, one LR-local with the plugin, and one that is cloud only. Shouldn't have the same name though. Anyway, LR-local SmugMug Smart Galleries becomes SmugMug regular Galleries in the cloud, they have confirmed that behavior.

                    I liked the SmugMug publishing service, but now that my workflow is all broken (WAY too much job recreating all those galleries each time I need to switch computer) I'd love to hear about good and rigid options.


                    Whatever happened to my LR Smart Collections in the troubled catalog doesn't matter, it's just a dozen and I can easily create them.


                    What might finally help me though:

                    Is there any way to transfer LR-plugins in a "working state"?

                    I hope it could help circumventing that the Lightroom plugin needs to be set up again (authentication etc), which resets and syncs from the cloud service.

                    Just a last try.


                    Thank you all anyway

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                      john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      What exactly are you doing when you talk of "the transfer"?


                      Usually, all you need to do is copy the catalogue from one computer to another, and the images, and install the plugins. The catalogue contains all your collections, smart collections, and published services.

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                        olavnorrud Level 1

                        Ok, this was obviously not at common issue, so I'll provide some more detail (while trying to be coherent).



                        My initial question in its form is not relevant any more as I see clearly that a file folder containing a LR-Catalog with Smart Collections, can indeed be copied to another computer and then be successfully opened with that computer's LR-installation.

                        One catalog did not have the Smart Catalogs present any more at all after being copied to a new PC. But Lightroom native Smart Catalogs are not part of my current workflow, so I don't care much. The failure in this case might come from the presence of the SmugMug plugin, that otherwise messes with Smart Catalogs, but then again I don't know.

                        My real problem is that my workflow (and I) dictates the use of a kind of smart publishing folders, that is efficient, directly with a publishing service. I have Flickr Pro, but don't use it much as my SmugMug subscription gives me better control in several ways. So right now I'm stuck with the SmugMug Smart Galleries that apparently cannot be, one way or another, transferred to another LR-installation.


                        What I did:

                        1. Both PCs has the same disk mapping to a NAS drive backed by gigabit network, with photos as RAW files under X:\recordings\. (Would be the same as a local source e.g. C:\recordings, but then I would have to copy all the files before starting.)
                        2. Copied the LR-catalog folder to the new PC
                        3. Copied the plugin-folder to the new PC, to C:\Users\MYNAME\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Modules\SmugMug.lrplugin. It was my hope that this folder had files keeping track of the Lightroom Smugmug Smart Galleries.
                        4. Started LR and opened the catalog. The SmugMug plugin showed “Set up” so I did, and had to authenticate again.
                        5. No Smart Galleries/Collections to be seen.


                        This is probably not a Lightroom issue, but it is definitely something the SmugMug guys should be concerned with.

                        They have been mildly hinting that I should rather do my photo management in their cloud and use their "other" Smart Galleries (more users, more likely working?), but I kind of like tagging and arranging directly in LR, it's a great time-saver.

                        Anyway, like I asked in my previous post, a workaround might be found in Lightroom, so I repeat my question:

                        • Is there any way to transfer LR-plugins between computers in a "working state"?
                          I hope it could help circumventing that the Lightroom plugin needs to be set up again (authentication etc), which apparently forces reset and instead syncs from the cloud service.

                        What I really want to do is move the Lightroom installation to the new PC, bit by bit. It is ok to instead recreate the Lightroom installation at the new location like we are trying to do now, if it would do the same. But it does not, at least not the way I'm trying. Otherwise Lightroom wouldn't prompt me to set up all plugins again.

                        I don't like massive editing of the Windows Registry, but somebody please advise me if this is the only option.


                        What's almost absurdly funny is my déjà vu feeling:

                        A few years ago I started managing picture catalogs using a program called PhotoDirector, as their video editing software was ok. Seemed nice enough. But after a while I needed to move photo files around. The company confirmed that I'd loose any edits, for every picture, and at the time they had no plan to deal with it. What a relief coming to Lightroom and its cousins!

                        Right now I have a bit strained relationship with SmugMug and their LR-plugin. Hope for a fix, but guess this will take a lot of time and I must take the loss and move on.


                        Thanks for listening.