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    Why do topics in my RoboHelp project disappear after upgrading to RoboHelp 2015?


      After upgrading a project from RoboHelp 10 to RoboHelp 2015, all topics in the project are deleted when the topics are subsequently updated. The project is a linked FrameMaker document - the project upgrades as expected, but when I update the topics, one of two things happens:

      1. Links are broken and all topics appear in the "Broken Links" folder or,
      2. All topics simply disappear.

      (Running Adobe Tech Comm Suite 2015  on Windows 7, 64-bit; RoboHelp updated to v12.0.2.384; FrameMaker updated to v


      I did have some success updating topics if I update each 'chapter' in the book singly, but if I use the "Update All" option, the results are as stated above. And, as you can see, the results are not consistent. This has happened with both projects that I have converted to RoboHelp 2015.


      I can't find any information about this in any forums. Screenshot included below to show the effect of "Updating all" in a project. 

      I appreciate any assistance with this annoying quirk! 



      RH 2015 update issue.jpg