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    Character Animator Tutorial Videos

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      Video Tutorials

      Learn how to use Character Animator through the following tutorials! Watch below, or view the full playlist here.



      • Getting Started
        A four-part introduction to creating a basic character that includes setup, eyes and eyebrows, mouth and lip sync, and making a body.
      • Recording & Editing 
        Go through the basics of how to record and edit your performances.
      • Characterizer
        Get a walkthrough of how to take your face and turn it into a stylized animated character in minutes.
      • Triggers
        Learn all about simple triggers, triggered behaviors and face triggers with this tutorial and example project.
      • Physics
        Discover how to add basic physics systems, dangle physics, and particle simulations into your creations.
      • Walking
        Learn how to set up a character to walk and customize things like elbow bends and stride length.
      • Replays
        See how to take recorded elements from your timeline and turn them into triggered actions, like waves or dance moves.
      • Magnets
        Walk through an example project teaching you how magnet tags attract to each other, allowing characters to pick up objects.
      • Arm IK
        Learn about how to set up and tag arms for control over elbow bends and stretchiness.
      • Template Puppets - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3
        Get a walkthrough of the 16 free Start workspace template puppets.
      • 10 Advanced Rigging Tips
        Tips to add advanced functionality to your puppets.





      Regular episodes with helpful tips, community examples, and more. Watch below, or view the full playlist here.



      • New Puppets (November 2018)
        An overview of three new free puppets (Ninja, Proteus, Thorne) added to the CH examples site.
      • New Features Overview (October 2018)   
        A walkthrough of some the newest features in the latest version of Adobe Character Animator CC.
      • Community Spotlight (Fall 2018)   
        Stop-motion Lego, VR arm controls, and a live game show board.
      • Tips & Tricks (September 2018)
        Virtual reality ninja turtles, Comic-con 2018 recap, and turning flat artwork into an animated puppet.
      • Tips & Tricks (July 2018)
        Augmented reality CH character, combining walking and head turning.
      • Tips & Tricks (June 2018)
        Gulf City, face parallax, motion graphics templates with After Effects and Premiere Pro, and Palette Gear.
      • Tips & Tricks (May 2018)
        Weezer music video, animated standup, a photographed rabbit, NAB 2018 and Adobe Live recaps, and how to limit arm stretchiness.
      • New Features (April 2018)

        A look at the latest features from the April 2018 release, including particle collisions, scene snapshots, enhanced copy and paste, hold takes, and trigger drop zones.
      • Tips & Tricks (March 2018)
        Production tips for recording, editing, and compositing with Evan Flamethrower: Robot Detective.
      • Tips & Tricks (February 2018)
        CH on primetime TV, a walk behavior hack to get a moving foreground/background, and preproduction tips from Evan Flamethrower: Robot Detective.
      • Tips & Tricks (January 2018)
        Live animated comedy from Geek & Sundry and the Upright Citizen's Brigade, making custom controls panel icons, and fixing a broken puppet in 5 steps.
      • Tips & Tricks (December 2017)
        Branding tips from Little Top, mailbox questions about an auto-attach bug and kinetic outlines, and getting more control by adding more behaviors.
      • Tips & Tricks (November 2017)

        A character reused across 3 YouTube channels, triggering puppets with video game controllers, importing and exporting, understanding physics tags, an advanced project from Adobe MAX, and a face-morphing nutcracker jaw technique.

      • New Features Part 1 - Triggers and Controls Panel
        New Features Part 2 - Physics and Everything Else
        A two-part look into the latest features released in October 2017.
      • Tips & Tricks (October 2017)
        Full-faced lip sync, smooth head turns, using Character Animator in video chat apps, adding background and foreground elements, and claymation puppet tips.
      • New Features Preview - September 2017
        A look at the new features for the 1.0 launch.
      • Tips & Tricks (September 2017)
        Triggering sounds or using your phone for custom buttons, mailbox questions about .puppet files and if you need a webcam, and how to track a cartoon face on top of your own face.
      • Tips & Tricks (August 2017)
        Elgato Stream Deck, Comic-Con recap, frame-by-frame arm animations (puppet warp in Photoshop) and lighting effects (simple cycle layers animations with the add blending mode).
      • Tips & Tricks (July 2017)
        Visemes in After Effects user script, Jim Cramer Mad Money TV interview, quick tips with front/back arm swaps, the semicolon key, and the difference between puppet and scene parameters.
      • Tips & Tricks (June 2017)
        Tricks with using the new walk behavior like using it on multi-limbed characters or getting 3 views from one piece of artwork, how to set up multiple streaming puppets with alpha channels, and dissecting a complicated puppet with deep nested triggers and cycle layer timers.
      • New Features - April 2017
        A look at the Beta 6 features, including the walk behavior and viseme editing.
      • Tips & Tricks (April 2017)
        Tips on tags and handles, recording arm and hand animations, adding a simple shadow in After Effects, how to turn a 5-year-old's crayon monster drawing into an animated puppet, and a Photoshop illustration tutorial.
      • Tips & Tricks (March 2017)
        Twitch live streaming with Scribbleh, head turn triggered cycle layers and a 3D morphing mask, making custom mouth shapes, and quick usability tips.
      • Red Monster Live
        Live animated Q&A with some behind-the-scenes looks at how to do your own live talk show.
      • Tips & Tricks (February 2017)
        Picking up and interacting with objects, getting better external audio files for clear lip sync results, multiple dangle behaviors, and a detailed walkthrough of how eyes work.
      • Tips & Tricks (January 2017)
        Stop-motion characters, troubleshooting common puppet rigging issues, smoother head turns, alternate recording methods and a live sketched look.
      • Tips & Tricks (December 2016)
        Creating a camera system, walkthrough of the app with custom workspace tips.
      • What's New (November 2016)
        A look at the Beta 5 features, including dynamic link and shareable puppet files.
      • Tips & Tricks (October 2016)
        Getting face tracking data from a pre-existing video, combining lip sync + the nutcracker jaw behavior, non-character animation ideas, and body turns.
      • Tips & Tricks (September 2016)
        Animating with two characters, relinking files, sharing projects, swapping mouth sets, and background hair layers.
      • Tips & Tricks (August 2016)
        Twitch streaming, fixing two user created puppets, and making a Photoshop character from scratch.




      Archived Tutorials

      These older tutorials are still available as references, but many of the topics are outdated in newer versions of Character Animator.

      Watch below, or view the full playlist here.



      Other Archived Tutorials: