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    Setting focus on an extension that is opened.

    innerspaceouterspace Level 1

      Using csInterface.requestOpenExtension() to call "sub-extensions" that are part of the main extension.


      They open fine, except modal dialogs that are being created are not focusing on creation. Is there a way to focus them? Without this, the user has to click two or three times(on a button) to get the focus set on the extension. Most users aren't going to think to select the toolbar on the top of the window to set the focus.  I haven't found anything in the code or the sample extensions that leads me to believe there's a way with Adobe.


      I know this is a more general question for extensions, but the Extension Builder forums are kind of dead, so I figured here was my best bet. Thanks.


      This appears to be an issue on Windows only, on OSX, modal dialogs are already focused.