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    Premiere Elements 14 top menu stays highlighted after dropdown menu closes.

    Richard Fisher 08

      I have two issues with Premiere Elements 14. 1. The top menu (files-help)  stays highlighted after the dropdown menu closes, I

      have to roll over it to undo the highlight.     2. The font menu names are grayed- out, but the samples are black. They seem to work,

      but I do have a problem when I put type over a scene and I render it, then I go back to reposition the type stays in the original

      location and it also appears in the new location. (like its copying it). After I close the type window only the new location appears. This

      does not happen if I do not render the timeline.  I'am not having these two issues in Pre El. 13.1 or any other app.   On a Dell N50/50

      2.3 gig hz cpu ,  8 gig ram, 250 ssd drive on windows 10 latest version.  Anyone else having this problem?