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    Can't edit text on scanned PDFs, it seems to think the whole page is one image.


      Just this week, I've been unable to edit text at all on scanned PDFs. I scan all PDFs with OCR, and the text is recognized--I can copy and paste it. But when I select Edit Text & Images, I get this message:


      "Acrobat has detected that this page does not have editable text or has scanned content. Such documents are best edited by converting to another format using the Export File option in Content Editing Panel."

      There is then a frame around the entire page, as if it is one image.

      I chatted with support to absolutely no end; they seemed unfamiliar with the message and said that Acrobat is not blocking users from editing scanned PDFs. So why this message? It's new, and it's happening on two different computers in our office, one with Windows 8 and one with 10. Anyone else having this issue?