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    Chat not working and I'm having payment issues


      Wow virtually impossible to get ahold of you guys...

      your support page asks me a bunch of questions and then says get ahold through chat at the end of it all with NO LINK.

      I just want to change the day my automatic payment goes through - how do I get in contact with someone from this company?!

      Sorry for putting this in the forums but literally I have no other option. I'm given the illusion of an option but again...NO LINKS just plain text that says oh yeah go ahead and chat 24/7...


      I go to contact support

      'first we need a few details'

      Choose Product->Adobe CC

      Tell us what you need help with -> Membership account payment

      Issue related to->Payments,Invoices,etc

      Try these first (No that's not my problem)


      Then I press the button that says 'still need help? Contact Us'

      Then I get 'Contact Options'

      Recommended - Chat

      but it's a plain text dead end with no further links


      Yes I've tried in multiple browsers

      No I'm not going to do this again if someone posts asking me to do literally this exact thing again.

      My contact info is available email or phone is fine.