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    Illustrator live paint not supported in Character Animator ?

    Kevin Karr Level 1

      Hello all,


      I've created my own puppet however I'm noticing that its not importing correctly.


      I created the character, then expanded it and used Live paint to color with (mainly because I wasn't sure how to properly paint the character - new to illustrator...)


      It doesn't appear that live paint objects are supported Is there anyway to get this to work or easy way to convert all objects ?


      It would have been nice if adobe released some kind of manual for creating characters in Illustrator - step by step rather then quick videos that do not give you the full explanation of topics..





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          MeredithY Adobe Employee



          I've forwarded your question to an engineer on the Ch team. He should respond within 24hrs with a suggestion. Additionally, this is a feature request and I'll add it to our list (the manual and/or step-by-step v quick videos request).


          Thanks very much for your input on Character Animator!



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            Dan Ramirez Adobe Employee

            Hi Kevin.

            1. Open your puppet in the puppet panel.

            2. Turn down subpuppets until you get to a "skin"

            3. Select the skin

            4. In the Properties Panel, select "Render as Image"


            This will rasterize your artwork so it will be identical to what you see in AI. You do lose the ability to scale without a loss in quality and you cannot wiggle paths with the Wiggler behavior. We are working on supporting more AI features natively, but until everything is supported, this is the way to go.

            We'll be doing this by default in the next public preview of CH.


            Dan R.

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              Kevin Karr Level 1

              Hello, Thanks for the reply. I've been busy and didn't get notification you responded.


              I ended up converting all Live paint groups by expanding them to all basic paths and compound paths and color objects so that Character animator sees them properly. This seems to work however my artwork ends up becoming not editable in the future for any major changes. The good news is that with character animator, since I use layers to build the character, if I need to add a different outfit I'd have to draw it anyways thus creating more layers. So changing existing artwork is difficult but not if you save a copy of the character before expanding everything and then just copy back in the changes and re-expand them.


              That's my work flow for now, eventually it would be nice to have complete seamless of using Illustrator into Character Animator because the benefit of why I'm using Illustrator is to get around that scaling issue. (rasterization = yuck!)


              FYI: One thing you might want to include in your videos is that any Text or images that a character may have on them, needs to be checked off as an image otherwise Character animator doesn't seem to finish loading the whole character (parts are missing). I found that out by accident..


              Thanks again. Keep up the good work with the product !