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    HELP:Catching Exceptions from ColdFusion in Flex

      Straight to the point;
      I have a webservice calling a CFC, all is well in all my other webservices so I know that I'm not doing anything wrong in the call itself. However, in one of my CFC functions I throw an exception; which my fault handler method in flex acknowledges. The problem is, REGARDLESS OF WHICH PROPERTY I ACCESS I ALWAYS GET A GENERIC ERROR MESSAGE!
      I tried faultString, faultDetail, faultCode, and a slew of others. I never seem to get the exception verbiage that I threw in ColdFusion! Help please.
      Following is the CFC code and the Flex code.

      The CF Code that throws the exception
      <cfif IsDefined(SESSION.CLIENT.boolClientLoggedIn)>
      <cfif SESSION.CLIENT.boolClientLoggedIn eq "true">
      <cfthrow message="Attempting to call fncClientWebSignup when client is logged in.">

      The Webservice Call
      <mx:WebService id="cfc_Client"
      wsdl=" http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/_xxx/cfc_xxx.cfc?wsdl"
      <mx:operation name="fncClientWebSignup" result="handleWebSignupResult(event)" fault="handleUserSignupUpFault(event)"/>