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    Corrupted FLA File


      I was working on my .fla file and went to test it, and after the 'exporting SWF movie' loading bar was at 100 percent, my computer froze and rebooted. When it came back up, I could not open my project file, with this error:

      A javascript error occurred

      This file represents months of work and is my only copy.

      Is there any possible way to get my work back?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          check your fla's file size.  if it's zero, you can't do anything with it.


          if it's not zero you can rename to a rar and use winrar to 'repair' it.  that seldom works but if it does, rename to a fla and it will open.


          if that fails, you can unrar the renamed fla and possibly recover some of your work.


          if you have a working swf, decompile it to a working fla using a decompiler.  imo, sothink's is the best.


          and in the future, save your fla's with appended version numbers so this never happens again.

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            samusoidal Level 1

            Thank you! Repairing the files didn't work, but I was able to decompile the swf. All of my images are renamed to numbers instead of my file naming system I had, but that is easily remedied.

            I am now backing up to three places every 30 minutes.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              when you back up, make sure you use a different name, with each back-up.


              eg, when i have a project named handbook, i use handbook_v01 for my first save.  then handbook_v02 etc.  that way if handbook_v34 is corrupted, handbook_v33 is still good and you only lose no more than 15 minutes of work (assuming you save at reasonable intervals).