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      Hello, I'm a designer with a lot of experience with Ps, illy and Indy. I have been taking some classes at night to learn Flash and Dreamweaver. I was able to pick up the basics pretty quickly but I feel my lack of coding knowledge has deterred me from progressing. So as you can imagine I am very excited for the release of Catalyst. My quick questions are....
      1) Is Catalyst only for RIA's or can it be used to create complete (simple) websites.
      2) Will it have built in things like preloaders?
      3) And who do I kiss for making it?

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          knave19 Level 1
          Sorry to sound like a broken record... but is it safe to assume that if you were creating a simple flash website, you could do the design and navigation using the CS tools and Catalyst, export a SWF and upload it to the web (as you would a traditional flash site?)

          Will there be built in components for pre-loaders?
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            knave19 Level 1
            Here is some great info for any designers like me, that have some basic questions about Catalyst?

            ""Flash Catalyst is only focusing on creating the SWF content for web pages. Not HTML or CSS or anything. It is ultimately geared for Flex projects, because the designer, unknowingly, is creating MXML for Flex to use. But the designer could in-fact publish SWFs right from Flash Catalyst. So if all they need is a few clicks and a few pages. They won’t need a developer. They could just run the SWF as is. (But you shouldn’t think of Flash Catalyst and Flex as only making RIAs and simple websites... You can also design AIR applications to distribute to desktops! That’s what’s so amazing about the Flash platform!)

            If the application needs to access XML or access a database or oodles of other really important application logic, a developer gets involved. But the developer doesn’t need to start from scratch! They can start with a file that contains all the assets they will need for the project.

            It can also work the other way around too. (Round Tripping as Adobe says). A developer can build the guts of the application and a designer with Catalyst can skin the pieces. The designer and developer can go back and forth to build the application. In the end, we will have to wait and see how far Adobe decides to take this concept. How much power will they give to designers? Who knows?!""