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    Re-scale after using bScaleToParent:true, ?

    dajupe Level 1


      I have an EA animation in a fluid bootstrap set up.

      If I just drop the animation into DW into a bootstrap

      container, I have no real control over the size of the animation,

      it actually makes the entire stage a lot smaller, which doesn't

      work for the practicality of the design.

      I was facing similar problems when using the fluid grid layouts.

      Vivekuma showed me a technique where you put the code

      bScaleToParent:true, into the runtime info in DW.

      This fixes the problem of the stage being too small and the stage now follows

      its parent container. However, on rescaling the browser back up (after scaling down)

      the stage remains the same size. Has anyone come across code that fixes this problem?

      I can't find any. Or maybe there is a different technique that someone knows of?