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    InDesign Reverse LayOut Problem



      I have a recently installed InDesign CC. I don't have a lot of experience with InDesign software.

      I started a multipage document.

      When I first started it,

      Default text was Hebrew (which gave me a clue as to the other problems below).

      Punctuation all went to the left side of each sentence.

      Page layout and columns were backwards.

      After days of work, I learned to change:

      Text to Constantia

      Binding to left side

      Paragraph to left justification, Left-to-right flow

      Paragraph menu panel to Adobe Paragraph Composer and NOT Adobe World Ready Paragraph Composer

      Went to the Quick Apply>Layout Menu> Reverse Layout and found there were several overrides to the regular menus.

      Found binding to the right side, changed it to the left side. Everytime I open this up its on the right. Why?

      After fixing everything successfully one time, I found upon starting a new document I had the same problem again.

      I am still finding that when I import a Word document several aspects come in backwards.

      I am unable to get all columns to fill in from left-to-right.

      What is causing this backwards flow of text and backwards layout? How do I fix it permanently?

      I've tried Cntrol-Alt-Shift to go back to program defaults with no improvement.