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    Please help! Create file and can't re-open. Says it is Damaged and causes InDesign to close!

    Tanya Kelly

      Hi - Hoping someone can help. I have created a file in InDesign and I have saved it and exported to a PDF. I then go to make changes to it and some of the functions aren't working and I am unable to select text frames.

      I close the document, and try to re-open and it says the file may be damaged and do you want to open anyway? If I select yes, it causes InDesign to close.


      This hasn't just happened once, it is occuring more often with different files. It is usually on files with custom sizes, like advertisements etc. Very frustrating when I send the ad to my client, and they want changes.... but the file is damaged and I have to start from scratch!


      Can someone please help and let me know why this may be happening and how to fix it?


      I'm no InDesign expert so basics please!


      I should probably also mention I am using the latest version via Creative Cloud.