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    WebHelp Pro- Publish Robo 6

      Having issues publishing...robo 6 webhelp pro... TEST Server-goes thru to 'view-publish', hit publish and don't get log on screen but rather the screen of file folders going from one file to another but never populates or publish and does not create error message...have to eventually shut down my system. PRO Server...same as above no log on screen but this one goes to screen of file folders AND it does publish. Bottom line on either I am not getting log on screen as I should. Any ideas?
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          Still having same problem...Robo 6 WebHelp Pro Server (1) Test Server generate successfully, should go to a log on screen but does not- goes right to file folders but gets hung up- does not publish- no error screens-have to shut down. Previously always got a log on screen prior to file folders. (2) Production Server- generate successfully, bypass log on screen, but does a successful publish. HELP!