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    Hi. Help with loyalty program?

    liam.barr Level 1

      Hi there. Firstly I'm new here and if I've done anything wrong/posted in the wrong place I apologise.


      Quick back story: My mother has asked me to implement a loyalty program at her sports store. We use Retail Express (R.E) for our point of sale and I noticed that R.E integrates with Business Catalyst.


      I have a couple of quick questions;

      When a customer is added to our R.E system would (or could) they be automatically imported into BC?

      Is it possible to create a signup form on our facebook page that would import customers into BC (and also R.E)?


      A more complex question (which hopefully I can explain);

      We've purchased loyalty cards that have barcodes on them. Once we're ready to launch the loyalty program, on our R.E system there is a "custom reference" field. We plan to store the barcode in this. Is there a way to connect this "custom reference"/barcode with BC? And also is there anyway to have BC automatically assign a barcode when someone signs up on the aforementioned signup form on our facebook page?


      Hopefully I've made everything clear.