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    .ORF files not rendering for Book - AAAAAGH!


      Very new to Lightroom, hobbyist-level prior experience with Aperture. This is a typical error message while attempting to upload the book to Blurb:


      The book could not be created because the photo named "P4230971.ORF" could not be rendered.


      I am running Lightroom 6.3, Camera Raw 9.3. The .ORF files originally from Olympus OM-D 10, Firmware 1.2 (current).

      However, I initially started building the book with Lightroom 5 before running into similar issues, shelled out another 70$ for an upgrade, ran 6.0 (Camera Raw 9.0) for a couple of days until I figured out you had to manually push an update. After all the updates, I'm still having this rendering error message. It's hung up on this issue with more than one file, but all .ORF. There were isolated incidents (1% error rate?) in creating the book as well, not just the upload.


      Greatly appreciate any advice!