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    C4d lite through AE




      So, all the sudden, all my C4D files started looking like this.
      I can still open them through AE.
      In C4D lite i can still view them and work with them, but in AE i just get a black screen.


      Anyone with some experience on the subject?


      Best regards, Joakim









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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Add those files to an AE project then edit original or add to a timeline and click the Show button in the Chinaware effect in the Effects Control Panel. You cannot open C4D lite directly or change the file association with the free version include with AE. It's a licensing issue. You can only launch C4D lite from inside AE.

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            Frsh Level 1

            Well, yes, and no..I should be able to click on the C4D files to launch C4D lite.

            And when i watch tuts that´s what i see them doing too..

            Atleast that´s what I´ve been doing up until recently.
            I´m pretty sure atleast..


            Plus the files shoudln´t be displayed with an exec avatar, but with the MAXON logo, right?


            Can´t really say I´m 100 on any of this as I´m learning the program.
            But the last couple of hours i spent I don´t remember like this.



            Best regards, Joakim