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    Precomp loop

    Egil Arntzen Level 1

      I am having problems looping a precomp.

      I have an animation of 3 images that I want to loop.

      So in my animation-comp (Comp 1) I have have three layers with the 3 images.

      And in the main comp I want it to loop through out the whole 20 seconds (or whatever the length is).

      In the main comp I select Comp 1 and enable time remapping. Then I alt-click the stop watch and enter the expression time % source.duration.

      Then I extend the layer comp to the end of the main comp time line.

      What happens is that it is looping, but at some frames all three images are overlapping. They are showing at the same time, which is not the idea.

      See screenshots, they should explain what I am trying to explain.


      Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 12.41.59.pngScreen Shot 2015-12-17 at 12.41.44.png

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          imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

          That's weird. But for fast help you can try:
          1. Use that expression loopOut()
          2. Turn of (if it is turned on0 Frame Blending. You can do that by selecting your layer and chosing Layer/Frame Blening/Off

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Your expression and your technique is flawed. The first part is OK where you sequence the images. It's the time remapping part you have fouled up. Here's how to loop a time remapped layer.

            1. Enable time remapping
            2. Press the "k" key to move to the last Time Remapping keyframe
            3. Notice that the frame is black, which is normal
            4. Move back one frame so show the last frame of the video
            5. Set a new Time Remapping keyframe
            6. Select the last Time Remapping keyframe and delete it
            7. Extend the out point of the layer so you can see the last frame all the way to the end of the composition
            8. Add this expression to time remapping:

            That's it. If you do not fix the keyframes by adding a new one and deleting the default last one you will have an empty frame in your video.


            There is one other option. You can extend the outpoint of the last layer in your pre-comp by one frame or reduce the duration of your pre-comp by one frame and avoid the last keyframe is blank issue. Then all you have to do is add the loopOut() expression. Be aware that extending the layer in the nested comp will add one frame to your loop and may make it jump. If you have created a perfect loop in the nested comp (pre-comp) then the best option would be to open up the comp settings and remove one frame. Then your loop will work perfectly.


            The time % source.duration expression will loop a time remapped layer if you remove the last keyframe completely but it prevents you retiming the loop and it does not solve the last frame is blank problem. It is probably frame the position of the last keyframe or some cache issues that is giving you the problem frame. If you want to keep your expression try deleting the last keyframe and extending the outpoint of the last layer in your nested comp.

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              Egil Arntzen Level 1

              Rick, I don't think this is a blank frame issue. I did a tutorial on the steps you mentioned, same happened then, same happened now when I tried again.

              Strange thing though, this seems to work fine when I preview in half resolution, but in full resolution the illustrations still overlap...

              I exported a video, same problem with the overlapping...

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                Egil Arntzen Level 1

                I uploaded a copy on WeTransfer if you would like to take a look:




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                  imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

                  I don't have issue that you are presenting. Here's render: https://copy.com/fwO3Ivsc869Txxpl