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    How big should my scratch drive be?


      Hi, I'm thinking about getting a thumb drive to use as a scratch drive to improve Premiere Pro performance.  How many GB's should that drive have?  If the thumb drive is too small, I assume it won't help much?  I'm using Premiere Pro CC 2015.  Thank you.

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          So much depends on you only you can say.

          • your workflow,
          • your use of effects and features,
          • your media,
          • your project sizes

          Here are the controllable scratch disks:

          I doubt very much that you can improve performance putting these on any old flash drive.  If you are talking about something like the Samsung T1 USB 3 flash drive I do put all my project files including the above files and the media on these amazing drives and edit comfortably on this laptop including multicamera shoots and 4K XAVC-S media.