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    Lightroom export makes picture darker


      Please note, this is an export issue:


      1. I import pictures: colors look fine in both thumbs, develop module, and in Windows Explorer itself
      2. When I am done editing the picture and I export it, the exported JPG in Windows Explorer looks significantly darker (At which point I have to go back in the Develop module and overexpose by about +1 to get the export right)


      This always happens.

      My monitor is calibrated.

      My version of Lightroom is 3.6, but I am pretty sure it happened in previous versions too.


      MY default setting is to export with the following settings:

      Format: JPG

      Color Space: sRGB (I noticed that if I change the color space to AdobeRGB (1998), the result is better, although still visibly wrong)


      I can't be the only one having this issue... Has anybody seen this ? Or does anybody have any suggestions ?


      Thank you,