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    Need to remove "corrupt" PFM font from CF8 server

    paule1234 Level 1
      Somehow in my attempt to get Adobe's very own Type 1 Helvetica Condensed font installed on my CF8 Enterprise server (JRUN4) I ended up with it listed under Current System Fonts in the CF8 admin. This font throws a CF Java exception when I try to open PDF files on disk with CFDOCUMENTSECTION even though those documents do not use this font. Here's a snipped of the exception log:

      "Error","jrpp-123","02/11/09","19:48:14",,"coldfusion.document.DocumentFontException: An exception occurred when reading the font file c:\windows\fonts\hvc_____.pfm The cause of this exception was that: java.awt.FontFormatException: Unsupported sfnt C:\DOCUME~1\CFSERV~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\+~JF68907.tmp."

      This is how it is listed under Current System Fonts:
      helvetica condensed helvetica condensed Helvetica-Condensed ADOBE-TYPE-MANAGER PDF c:\windows\fonts\hvc_____.pfm

      How can I tell CF8 to ignore or remove the reference to this font? I searched the registry, XML config files and found no reference to it.