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    2 Two colour export from CS5.5 - or "50 shades of K"

    FiLiP Level 1

      Hi guys,

      I'm running CS5.5 on a windows machine. I have Indesign and Illustrator (CS5.1), but no Acrobat or anything else. My boss got a quote on a 2 colour job and had me turn his Word doc into an Indesign file (actually i did that myself to get rid of all the erroneous fonts and - I thought - turn it into a 2 colour job and a decent PDF.) But the ink manager is still showing me CMY values, even though I'm sure I only have black and a single Pantone orange on the page. There's black and some shades of black in a in a placed illustrator AI file of our logo, which I adjusted in Illustrator to just shades of K. So no CMY there. I can't delete the CMY's from the ink manager, I've tried several variations of the export settings in PDF export box, but every PDF I export the printer moans at me that it's still CMYK. He has Acrobat, but apparently just uses it to look at things, rather than knowing how to use it. Is what I'm trying to do possible? If it is - but only in Acrobat - could you show me a link or write some instructions for me to send to the printer? I think I know how to change something to grayscale in Acrobat Ink Manager but not K and a colour.  Or if I'm being thick and should try it in RGB or something else in Indesign please tell me? Alternatively point and giggle at my ignorance! I live in a full colour world and this bichromatic abyss confuses and terrifies me!

      Thanks so much for any advice as ever!