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    RH11 Will Not Generate a CHM

    rphox2003 Level 1

      Every once in a while, our RH11 applications won't generate a CHM file. It happens to me and a co-worker about once a week and usually one of the following occurs:

      • RH generates a CHM but the file doesn't have the proper weight. A normal CHM is about 10 MB but the problematic ones are usually no more than 5 KB.
      • RH displays an error message that the file is open in another application and to close the app and try to generate again. Of course, the file is not open anywhere.
      • RH completes the generation process but no CHM is generated.


      After "generating" the CHM, RH display the completion message asking if we want to view the file, but clicking Yes does nothing.


      We can usually solve the problem by shutting down RH, rebooting the workstation, or both. But now I've rebooted twice and even completely shutdown my pc, but still cannot generate a CHM. I've even tried changing the destination folder for the CHM, which sometimes works, to no avail. I am able to generate WebHelp.


      Any ideas? Thanks.