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    Are we allowed to use a rendered composition that was created in the AE 30-day free trial demo?


      I'm getting the Creative Cloud subscription in two weeks and two things I want to know is:


      A.  I created a 30 second rendered composition that I'd like to use to promote my friend's new soulful album on YouTube/Facebook/etc.. using the 30-day free trial of After Effects CC.  I figure Adobe would have the capability to watermark such compositions, so I don't want to get into any legal trouble.  Can created commercial like the one I just mentioned content be used based off the 30-day free trial software?


      B.  If it can't, when I pay in two weeks for the AE Creative Cloud Subscription, can I use that same project if I re-render it?  Is there any technical watermark issues from transfering a composition from the 30-day free trial version to the paid-subscription version?


      These are both legal and techy questions.  Thank you