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    Having trouble with DNG converter.


      Having replaced my old Nikons with newer models, I cannot now get the DNG converter to work.


      My version was about 4 years old. When I tried to convert some RAW files I got the message "There was an error parsing the files".


      So I installed the latest version of the converter. Now it isn't even recognizing any RAW files when I select the source folder. I get the message "No items match your search". The same message appears irrespective of which RAW files I try to convert (ie my new camera files, or those from years ago)


      Can you help?




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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You do need to use a version of Adobe software, either Photoshop/Camera-Raw or Lightroom, or in this case the DNG Converter, that is newer than the camera models that you’re offloading photos from.  If your Adobe software is older then you do need to use a new DNG Converter.  If you’re on the CC plan and your software is up-to-date then you shouldn’t need to use the DNG Converter.


          When you are choosing the source in the DNGC, you are choosing a FOLDER that contains raw images, not the images, themselves, so once the folder containing the raw files is shown in the list of items to choose from just single-click on it, to select its name.  At this point you should see the folder selected in the top and the folder name as the item to select in the lower area.  Once you do this, then your conversion will work with any raw files it sees in the selected folder. 


          If you have just updated your cameras then stay far away from any Nikon software, especially from your older cameras, when doing things with, either transferring or viewing, the new camera NEF files.  That is because older Nikon software will corrupt newer camera NEFs making them unrecognizable to Adobe software.   It’s possible that newer Nikon software will also corrupt the NEFs, but at least uninstall any Nikon software that didn’t come with the newest of your cameras.


          If you have corrupted some photos using old Nikon software then the utility, here, can reverse that specific corruption, if the camera model is supported:



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            Johnta7 Level 1

            Thanks so much, very interesting. I will do as you suggest.


            I am shocked that Nikon software appears to be so dangerous.


            Thanks again, very much appreciated.