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    Left-over previews & having to purge memory

    Stacy Rothwell Level 1

      Ever since upgrading to the December 2015 version of AE CC, I am having a very frustrating issue.....


      After making any modification to a layer (adding an effect or preset, transform...anything) I am finding I have to purge the memory to get it to show up correctly.


      It's really obvious if, say, I add a text animation preset....  The preset will work just fine.  But if I decide I don't like it and do an Undo, the timeline will show everything is gone....  but the preset STILL shows when using the player.  I have to go into Purge Memory to get it to clear and show it to me correctly.


      Is this a bug or is there a setting I need to turn on or off?   This never happened before the December update.  It seems to happen most when using UNDO