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    After Effects CC 2015: Parenting & undo problem

    GeoffVane Level 1

      I got some rather complex movements in a scene, so I use a lot of parenting chains to keep  track of my planned movements.

      So, I am not parenting and/or unparenting now that I'm almost done.

      But when I try to adjust the animation of certain nulls and objects, I can't do a full undo.

      Somehow part of the adjustment is now baked into the child's behavior. I can imagine this will happen if you unparent and parent when animating. That can cause big problems but I avoided that.

      I did find out it gets more evil when you combine 2D and 3D in one scene. Keeping everything 3D is best.

      Some problems were fixed when I made assets 3D and tried to adjust again.