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    Need help downloading Flash Player 15 msi


      We are upgrading Flash in our enviornment and the latest version that is vendor support/tested is 15.  I was able to download an exe, but would prefer a msi for distribution in our enterprise.  I applied to Distribute Flash Player and was approved (see below) however the link takes me to a page that doesn't appear to have version 15 available.

      Please Help as I am trying to deploy this TONIGHT.

      Thank you in advance.

      Thank you for submitting a request to distribute Adobe® Software. Your request has been approved, and you may now distribute the Adobe® Software listed below, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Adobe Reader and Runtime Software Distribution License Agreement.


      Approved Software:

      • Adobe® Flash® Player


      To download the Flash Player version that you would like to distribute, please visit the following URL:

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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          The distribution page only contains the latest version released.  Prior versions are posted to the Archived Adobe Flash Player versions page.  Flash Player was the last version of FP 15 that contains the MSI installers.  You can download this version from the archive page.




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            andrewc31253558 Level 1

            Thank you Maria.


            Its a shame that Flash Player didn't include the .MSI

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              maria__ Adobe Employee



              The best thing to do is have the environment supported by the latest version of Flash Player, which contains the latest security fixes.  Version 15 was released a year ago and a number security vulnerabilities have been fixed since then.


              If the latest version is too unstable, due to new features and bug fixes (aside from security fixes) the next best thing to do is to use the Extended Support Release version of Flash Player. The ESR is a previous version of Flash Player that is regularly updated with only security fixes and does not contain any bug fixes or new features, from the time it became the ESR version.  Version 18 became the Extended Support Release in August 2015 with version  Therefore, it contains all bug fixes and new features implemented up to and subsequent releases have only included security vulnerability fixes.  This makes it more stable for enterprise customers who want to have the latest, most secure version of Flash Player, but not the new features being released or other bug fixes.