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    Inset spacing no longer available--Bottom, Left, Right options grayed out

    Steven Hiatt

      I have InDesign CC 2015.


      I've long used Text Frame Options to set the inset spacing on chapter opener pages, with no trouble at all. I'd like to set a Top inset for this frame, leaving the other values for Bottom, Right, and Left unchanged.


      Now, in CC 2015, what I see is an Inset Spacing option with the the word Inset (rather than Top) in the upper left, and the Bottom, Left, and Right options grayed out. This despite the chainlink symbol showing that these values are unlinked. If I attempt to use the Inset menu item to change, all margins are given that inset--again, even though the chainlink shows that they are not linked.


      A bug? A feature? Is there a way out?


      Thanks for any insights!