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    Scheduled tasks issue after apache upgrade




      After apache upgrade on our production servers we have reported the connection failure error in scheduled task on coldfusion.


      Look like coldfusion is not getting response back from apache(web server)


      "Information","scheduler-1","12/15/15","09:48:00",,"[File Assignment] Executing at Tue Dec 15 09:48:00 PST 2015"

      "Information","scheduler-1","12/15/15","09:48:00",,"Error while executing task Connection Failure: Status code unavailable"

      "Information","scheduler-1","12/15/15","09:48:00",,"Connection Failure: Status code unavailable"

      "Information","scheduler-1","12/15/15","09:48:00",,"[File Assignment] Rescheduling for :Tue Dec 15 09:50:00 PST 2015 Now: Tue Dec 15 09:48:00 PST 2015"

      Operating system :- Windows server 2008 R2

      Coldfusion version :

      Old Apache Version – 2.2.15 with openssl 0.9.8g

      Upgraded Apache version – 2.2.31 with openssl 1.0.1p.

      Please help