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    Article panel -- How to use in a Book?

    Roger Breton Level 1

      I like how using the Article panel helps structure content but it does not seem to have any application for helping with "Books"?

      Seems like Articles are document-specific and not book-specific.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I think you're correct.


          My impression is that as computers have gotten more powerful, fewer people are using the book feature and they're building more single documents rather than breaking it into chapters. I haven't seen any new book features for a long time.

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            Roger Breton Level 1

            As I was looking for a workaround for my little "doubled" cover page, I hypothesized that, perhaps, the trick was to put together the document using the Book feature?

            A lot of PeachPitt and Lynda.com videos demoed the export of ePub using the Book feature.

            So I thought, perhaps, there was some underlying benefit from using this approach in the case of working with ePub projects.

            But as I found out soon enough, that approach didn't improve anything. It only made my work worse.

            I'm now relieved to know that I don't need to work with multiple documents.

            And in that perspective, structuring the document through Articles makes perfect sense.


            Thank's Steve for your help and patience.


            (I think I want to venture next in the XML Structure panel...)