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    free form aspect ratio of a graphic

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      How do I "unlock" the aspect ratio of an inserted graphic?  When I change size of a graphic, it keeps the same aspect ratio.  But I want to have my own "shape", i.e., wider than narrower, for instance. 

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements, and what computer operating system?


          Premiere Elements preferences include one for "Default Scale to Frame Size" which directs the project to try to scale the import to the frame size or format of the project preset. This preference is found enabled with check mark in Edit Menu/Preferences/General.


          If you want to scale the import yourself, then remove the check mark for this preference before you import your file. If you want to scale width separately from height, then remove the check mark next to Constrain Proportions in Motion Panel.


          But, do the pixel dimensions of your graphics correspond to any of the Adobe project presets.


          If you leave the preference enabled, you can always right click the graphic on the Timeline and disable Scale to Frame Size from the pop up menu.


          Please let us know if any of that worked for your purposes. Please consider and give details. Consider black border possibilities.


          Thank you.




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