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    Quick Time


      I updated to the latest After Effects from the Cloud and now Quick Time doesn't work anymore.

      I downloaded the latest Quick Time File and installed it.

      NO WAY....


      So what the heck to do  now ?


      Thank you Adobe for updating and not even creating a VIDEO in FULL HD to show how to troubleshoot !

      Or did you ? Then yes, merry Christmas !


      Thanks for a Video Tutorial and not a technical bible with 10 solutions and non of them works.

      Muchos Gracias, Danke, Merci, and thx for any little help !!!

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          bluebrad Level 1

          also having similar problem

          i went into the user files on my system and deleted the apple and quicktime app setting files and it came back


          but now i heard that QUICKTIME is no longer going to me supported by apple ?

          adobe please make VLC work with your programs!