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    Is Anyone Else Experiencing SLOW Exports with the Latest Version of Lightroom CC?

    tonylives Level 1

      I just updated Lightroom, and I also just upgraded my PC as specified in the last post here: A Build that Has Served Me Well


      Prior to this upgrade I was exporting to a USB3 connected optical drive and experiencing decent enough export speeds.


      Now I'm exporting to Samsung's new 960 PRO PCIe SSD, and I expected some major speed improvements.  Instead, things are much, much slower.


      The CPU isn't sweating, nor is the RAM.


      OS is running on an 850 PRO SSD, and the cache/catalog is all kept on the 960 PRO - which should be fast enough to handle that+exports.


      Is this a new Lightroom bug or am I completely missing something?  Thanks for any input folks.