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    Bad quality with Fuji RAW. Why?


      The sharpening of fuji raw is of very bad quality. Why? I have a X-T1 which is really great. But the RAW converter which is on the camera and also the program which comes with the camera for free give much higher quality results than Lightroom.
      Is there a way to improve it?


      Otherwise I have to sell my camera or stop using Lightroom.

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          Hayhill Level 2

          All digital cameras that I know of create an rgb (JPEG) file immediately after the raw data is collected on the sensor. This is what is displayed on the screen on the back of the camera, or in the view finder for mirrorless cameras. The camera manufacturer uses it' s own proprietary formulas and parameters to do this. If the photographer has choosen to save a RAW file this jpeg is written into the RAW file so it can easily be viewed by almost any browser.


          When LR opens a RAW file, by design it very briefly shows this proprietary jpeg then replaces it with it's own using the “adobe standard”, it's own system. This is the starting point for more enhancement and is not meant to be an end result.


          If you don’t like this you have a few options

          1. Use the camera specific preset that MAY be available for you camera to get the initial raw looking more like the in-camera one (but not exactly).
          2. Create your own develop preset the looks like the in-camera, this apply this to all you imports from a specific camera.
          3. Just shoot JPEGS
          4. Don't use LR


          I think most users do not find this is at all a problem, but actually a better staring point to reach a “perfect” photograph.

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            marceld52571713 Level 1

            Thanky for the answer. I am fully aware of what you described.

            The "build-in" jpeg in the RAW comes from my camera. But in any case I can not reach the same quality with LR. Of course, I do not stay with the standard settings, I tried for hours to optimize the results. There seems to be some problem at LR with the Fuji RAW files.


            Frustrating is, that LR states, that it supports the Fuji X-T1. But finally the results are really bad, so no good support at all.

            Would be good to know if Adobe wants to fix this problem


            I like the work flow at LR and also all features. It is difficult to find a good alternative for Windows.

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              Sam Vo

              I experience the same thing.

              I converted a RAW image using the XT1 to JPEG and then converted the same image using LR. The JPEG file I got from XT1 was more than 6MB, but the one I got from LR was around 1.5MB. This is a huge difference! I think Adobe should seriously consider this case.