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    authorization lost Adobe ID, probably after upgrade


      I just tried to read some ADE books on my Nook Simple Touch which used to be readable. Now the Nook says "Used not activated"

      Also, my laptop ADE says it is authorized without an Adobe ID.


      I asked a help Customer Care rep for help, and was told to Erase Authorization and Reauthorize. I did that, and was able to authorize

      the Nook, but all the books on the Laptop are marked "Copying not allowed".

      So, none of the books on the Nook are readable, and I can't copy over new copies.

      In addition, more than half the books are from a seller which went out of business (Books on Board).

      The others, from Kobo and Books-a-Million, I can probably download again and then, perhaps copy.


      Any better suggestions?